How To Avoid Getting a Full Email Inbox

Your current inbox has a limited amount of space (1GB). This may be enough for most people but for those who send and receive many emails throughout the day it may quickly get used up.

The best way to avoid filling your inbox is to remove any unwanted emails including the trash and junk email folders. Failing this, if you are using Microsoft Outlook to manage your emails, you could archive them. Instructions for this can be found here.

The downside to this is that your emails would be that you would no loger be able to access all of your emails on the go, and wouldn’t work if you were using a mobile device. If either of those would cause you issies they we would recommend using a paid solution to upgrade your mailbox.

We currently recommend using either Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. Both of these solutions are good value for money and offer many other benefits, other than just more email space. If you are interested in upgrading your mailbox, please contact us for more information.