Save time, look professional, attract new members, support existing ones…

Don’t have time to set-up & maintain a website?
Your priority is always going to be looking after your members, which isn’t going to leave you much time to set up and maintain a website – that’s where we can help. We’ve produced a website full of information about the GMB union with details of national and region specific benefits. What’s more we’ll ensure that these pages are always up-to-date and current, so you don’t have to.

Easy to edit Branch pages – do as much or as little as you like
Of course you’re going to want pages about your branch on there too, it may be a couple or many, depending on your needs. The great thing is you can update these branch pages for yourself, it’s very straight forward. If you can edit an email or a Word document then you can edit your pages! If you prefer us to do this for you, that’s not a problem, there’s an option for that too. Just email us your changes and we’ll update your pages for you.

Update your website by doing nothing more than you do now!
If you are already using Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or YouTube your website will automatically publish what you put on them. For example you may be on a march and take a photograph with your smart mobile phone, which you then send to your Flickr account. Your website will now automatically show that picture, this means that you can keep your website current and interesting without doing anything more than you already are. If you don’t currently use social media then we can set this up for you giving you a very simple, quick and mobile-friendly way of updating your website.

Keeping it fresh
Even if you don’t have time to do anything at all, there will always be something new for visitors to read on your website. We’ll incorporate the latest GMB news from national and regional websites (where available), so your branch website will become the place to go to find out everything that’s happening.

A professional domain name and email address
Looks professional and instills confidence in visitors. Don’t worry we’ll set these up for you.

Why use Pellacraft for your website?
We are all GMB members ourselves and have a long history with the GMB union and appreciate the challenges that branches face.  You may know of us as suppliers of promotional merchandise but your marketing should also include a professional website. Our web team, with over 25 years of experience between them, have helped put together this exclusive package of websites for GMB branches. Offering an affordable, professional website that is easy to maintain and manage.